Civil Law of Iran

The Civil Law of Iran has been ratified by the Parliament between the years 1928 and 1935. The law has one preamble and three sections. The law, in general, has 1335 articles.

Civil Law of Iran

Civil Law of Iran

The preamble, including 10 articles, clarifies the general principles of the ratification and publication of the legislation.

The first section, from article 11 to 955, discusses the legal issues related to the properties such as movable and immovable properties. The section also clarifies the different types of ownership in Iran.

The second section, from article 956 to 1256, talks about the issues related to the individuals such as family-related provisions.

The third section, from article 1257 to 1335 clarifies the law of evidence. In general, five evidences are considered as the proof of facts in a civil legal proceeding in Iran.

The sources of the Civil Law of Iran

The sources of the Civil Law are a mixture of the Islamic jurisprudence, European law and the practice and custom of the Iranian people.

The Islamic jurisprudence is based on the rules and regulations of the Twelver Shia Islam, as the official religious of the country.

The European law in the Civil Law is mainly originated from the Civil Law of France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The practice and custom of the Iranian society, is another source of Civil Law. It is mentioned in the law that in the subject not explicitly clarified by the law, the custom has the effect of law.

The importance of the Iran’s Civil Law

It is an accepted belief between the Iranian jurists that Civil Law is one of the best drafted law ever. Civil law is a great piece of art that successfully combines the different sources which are not necessarily in the same line.

In the below, you can find the best English version of the Iran’s Civil Law.

Civil Law of Iran