Pooya Yaghoobirad- A First Grade Iranian Lawyer

Pooya Yaghoobirad is an Iranian certified Lawyer. He is admitted as a “First GradeLawyer by the Iranian Bar Association. His main areas of practice are corporate law, labor law, banking law and investment strategies and civil litigation.

My Specialties

I know myself as an international Iranian corporate lawyer. My job is to ensure the legality of commercial transactions and agreement and advising international companies on their legal rights and obligations in Iran.
In order to do this, I should have a good knowledge of different aspects of the commercial Law. More specifically, I am specialized in the labor law, tax law, securities law, licensing, business agreements and intellectual property.

Our Practice Areas

We are offering you a wide range of the Iranian international lawyers who are experts in different areas from the most requested section which is incorporation law and international agreements to family law and criminal defense. By choosing each category you will find several relevant sub-categories. Try now!

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