Constitution Law of Iran

The first Iranian Constitution ratified on 1906 as a result of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution. The Constitutional Revolution was the basis of the great political modifications in Iran. The foundation of the parliament and ratification of the first Iranian constitution law, are two main subsequences of the revolution.

Constitution Law of Iran

Constitution Law of Iran

After the Islamic Revolution on 1979, the previous Constitution has been replace by the new Constitution which was adopted through a referendum on 2nd and 3rd December 1979. This Constitution was also modified on July 28th, 1989 aiming to grant more power and authority to the Supreme leader of the Country.

According to the modification of 1989, the principal democratic elements, procedures and rights came directly under influence of the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader.

The History of the Iran’s Constitution after Islamic Revolution

The first draft of Constitution prepared in June 1979. The first draft was based on the French Fifth Republic on the 1958. The congress which was responsible for final approval of the draft, after 67 sessions, confirmed the readiness of the draft for a public referendum. The draft Constitution received the vast majority votes of the public.

You may find here below, the best English translation of the Iran’s Constitution.

Constitution Law of Iran – Iranian Constitution